Plenary Talk 大會演講


                  Plenary Talk

                     Background and Honors

Prof. Laura Greene

 Highly Correlated Electron Materials
 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

 1. Professor, Center for Advanced Study, 2009.
 2. John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellow, 2009.
 3. Fellow, Institute of Physics, "FinsP" (UK), elected 2007.
 4. Member, National Academy of Science, elected 2006.

Time:2016.01.26  10:00-10:55
Title:Point contact spectroscopy as a probe of correlated electron states

Prof. M. Zahid Hasan

 Quantum Condensed Matter Physics
 Princeton University, USA

 1. Moore Experimental Investigator Award, 2014
 2. Fellow, American Physical Society, USA, 2013
 3. American Competitive & Innovation Fellowship Award, 2010
 4. Sloan Research Fellowship Awarded, 2009
 5. Ph.D. from Stanford University, 2002

Time:2016.01.26  11:00-11:55
Theoretical and experimental discovery of Weyl fermion semimetals and topological Fermi arc quasiparticles in TaAs, NbAs, NbP, TaP and related spin-orbit materials


Prof. J. C. Seamus Davis

 Emergent Quantum Matter
 Cornell University, USA

 1. Brookhaven National Lab Science & Technology Award, 2013
 2. Member, U.S. National Academy of Sciences, 2010
 3. H. Kamerlingh-Onnes Prize, 2009
 4. Fritz London Memorial Prize, 2005
 5. Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering, 1994-1999
 6. Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering, 1994-1999

Time:2016.01.25  15:00-15:55
Title:Interplay of Pair-Density Wave & Charge-Density Wave States with d-wave Superconductivity in Underdoped Cuprates


Prof. Din Ping Tsai
 Nano-photonics, Plasmonics 
 National Taiwan University

1. Fellow of APS, OSA, SPIE, IEEE, EMA and PSROC.
2.President of Taiwan Photonics Society (TPS).
3. President of Taiwan Information Storage Association (TISA).
4. Director and Distinguished Research Fellow, Research Center
     for Applied Sciences, Academia Sinica.

Time:2016.01.27  10:00-10:55
Title:Photonics for the New Era


Prof. Chia-Ling Chien
 Nanostructured Materials
 The Johns Hopkins University

1. First recipient of AUMS (Asian Union of Magnetics Societies)
    Award, 2012
2. Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement
     of Sciences (AAAS), 2010
3. Tunghai University Distinguished Alumnus Award, 2007
4. Honorary Chair Professor, National Tsinghua University,
     Taiwan, 2006
5. IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecturer, 2005

Time:2016.01.25  14:00-14:55
Title:From South-Pointing Chariot to Pure Spin Current, the Never-Ending Saga in Magnetism