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編號 姓名 標題 獎項
P1-NP 01 奈米科學/Nanophysics
P1-NP-029 Packiyaraj Perumal Mode controlled near-infrared laser action made with the composites of solution processed lead halide perovskite and dielectric nanospheres 優良
P1-NP-049 Maria Jessabel Talite Highly Sensitive Bio-sensing based on Fluorescence/Delayed Fluorescence Lifetime of Biocompatible Nano-materials 優良
P1-NP-083 Chun Yu Hsu Bound states of neighboring nodal adsorbates and conductance in metallic armchair graphene nanoribbons 優良
P1-NP-123 MAN-TING SHEN Modulation of Surface Acoustic Waves in Graphene via Two Cross Interdigitated Transducers 優良
P1-NP-009 Pin-Chun Pan Interface Engineering UV-visible Light Photodetector and Room Temperature Gas Sensor by Using Polycrystalline Structure TiO2 Nano-fiber 佳作
P1-NP-013 Michelle Inciong Enhancement of Photoluminescence in PAMAM Dendrimer by Incorporation of Graphene Quantum Dots. 佳作
P1-NP-021 Chun-Ming Fan Chiang Gate-Tunable Current-Induced Spin Polarization In Ultra Thin Topological Insulators Film With Surface Gap Opening. 佳作
P1-NP-057 Wei Huan Chiang Defect Creation Dynamics of Graphene through Scanning Probe Lithography 佳作
P1-NP-088 Yi-Zhe Hong Tuning oxidation dynamics of graphene by scanning probe lithography 佳作
P1-NP-089 Jia-Wern Chen Isotropic Perfect Absorber by VSRR and Sensor Application 佳作
P1-NP-101 Fan-Yun Chiu Miniaturized Thermoelectric Power Generator 佳作
P1-NP-106 Chien-Ju Lee Efficient single photon source based on an InAs quantum dot embedded in a hybrid waveguide structure 佳作
P1-SN1 02 半導體/Semiconductor
P1-SN-023 Chih-Yang Lin Effects of Varied Negative Stop Voltages on Current Self-compliance in Indium Tin Oxide Resistance Random Access Memory 優良
P1-SN-068 Tien-Kang Tsai Kelvin probe force microscopy of monolayer MoSe2- WSe2lateral heterostructures 優良
P1-SN-074 ZONG-WEI LIN Junction properties of MoTe₂transistors by scanning photocurrent microscopy 優良
P1-SN-008 Chang-Tai Hsiao Transparent Conductive Graphene Electrodes for UVC LED 佳作
P1-SN-012 Chia Cheng Yeh Enhanced ultraviolet electroluminescence in n-ZnO microspheres/ p-GaN thin film light-emitting diodes incorporating Au nanoparticles 佳作
P1-SN-017 Che-Wei Chang Optical and electrical properties of AlGaN/GaN HEMT heterostructures grown on sapphire substrate 佳作
P1-SN-062 Cheng-Hua Liu Scaling behavior of the quantum Hall plateau-plateau transition in graphene p-n-p junctions 佳作
P1-SN-067 Cheng Chau Su Particle assisted epitaxy of III-V nanostructures 佳作
P1-SN-087 Meng-Chia Hsieh Graphene oxide as an effective barrier layer for improving power conversion efficiency of Cu2ZnSn(S, Se)4 solar cells 佳作
P1-SN-092 Po-Yung Liao Investigating Degradation Behavior of Hole-Trapping Effect under Static and Dynamic Gate-Bias Stress in a dual gate a-InGaZnO thin film transistor with etch stop layer 佳作
P1-MM 03 磁學與磁性材料/Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
P1-MM-001 Chih-Hua Liu Estimate The Spin Diffusion Length of ZnO Through Spin Pumping 優良
P1-MM-025 Chun-Wei Huang Magnetic proximity effects on antiferromagnet-induced perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in Ni/Co/Mn/Co/Cu(100) films 優良
P1-MM-015 Po-Hsun Wu Magnetic Interaction between Surface and Bulk YIG 佳作
P1-MM-038 Bo-Wei Wu Observation of longitudinal spin Seebeck effect in ferromagnetic metal La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 佳作
P1-MM-045 Pei-Che Wu High-Tc SQUID based low-field NMR/MRI for image examination and biomedical application 佳作
P1-MM-058 Paul Jian He Chong Novel dynamic properties in Ho2-xDyxTi2O7dipolar spin ice 佳作
P1-SE 04 超導與強關聯電子系統/Superconductivity and Strongly Correlated Electrons
P1-SE-009 Liang Yu Hsiung A Study Of Optical Pumped Hyperpolarized ³He Gas In Low Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging 優良
P1-SE-008 CHIH-CHUNG HU Doping evolution of Zhang-Rice singlet spectral weight: a more comprehensive examination by x-ray absorption spectroscopy 佳作
P1-SE-019 Yu-Ping Lin Strong Disorder Renormalization Group on Disordered Ising Chain with External Fields 佳作
P1-OE 05 光學光電/Optics and Electro-optics
P1-OE-018 Yi-Cheng Chen Terahertz Emission Spectroscopy of Topological Insulator Sb2Te3thin film 優良
P1-OE-048 Joey P. C. Lin High-efficiency Perovskite Hybrid Photovoltaic Devices by LPPET and Solution Process 優良
P1-OE-075 Yi-Hao Chen Beyond scalar diffraction: polarization-controlled meta-hologram 優良
P1-OE-101 Yi-Jung Wang Mode-locked Yb-doped fiber laser based on saturable absorber 優良
P1-OE-003 Sheng Hung Lin Tunable characteristics of random laser from dye-doped twisted nematic liquid crystals within wedge cell 佳作
P1-OE-024 Ting-Yu Chen Polarization State Generator Using Aluminum Plasmonics 佳作
P1-OE-045 Hsuan-Yin Chen Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics in thin-films of the Topological Insulators Bi2Te3 using Extremely Low Intensity 佳作
P1-OE-061 Ting Wei Liao High quality factor Ta2O5 based micro-ring resonator 佳作
P1-OE-065 Pei Ru Wu Circular Polarization Spectroscopy with Chiral Metasurface 佳作
P1-OE-079 Meng-Ying Lin Optical Tamm States in Cholesteric Liquid Crystal with Metasurfaces 佳作
P1-OE-123 Yu-Shu Lin 使用自組裝單分子薄膜作為成長石墨烯所需碳源之研究 佳作
P1-OE-129 Ting-Hui Chen The polarization-independent phase gratings based on polymer-dispersed bluephase liquid crystals 佳作
P1-SS 06 表面物理/掃描探針顯微術/Surface Science
P1-SS-038 Xiao Fuzhong Well performance two-dimension bismuth-bilayer thin film growth on the Bi2Se3(0001). 優良
P1-SS-002 Po-Ya Yang First-Principles Calculations Focusing on the 2DEG-like surface band of a Giant Rashba Semiconductor 佳作
P1-SS-004 Hao Yun Hsu Study of Zinc oxide rod by using Imaging Ellipsometry technique and simulation program 佳作
P1-SS-035 Chun-Hsiang Chen Local and atomic-scale observation of photoinduced doping at graphene-TiOx heterostructures 佳作
P1-BS 07 生物物理/軟物質/Bio-physics and Soft Matter
P1-BS-011 Hiroki Hagihara Fast manipulation of single cells in microfluidic channel utilizing femtosecond laser-induced impulsive force 1: Laser energy and focus position dependency estimated by micro polymer particles 優良
P1-BS-026 Kuan-Ting Wu Accumulation of microswimmers near a surface 優良
P1-BS-003 Po-Cheng Lin Dynamics of Acoustically Levitated Drops: From Self-Excited Oscillation to Chaotic Shedding 佳作
P1-BS-012 Kai-Hsiang Tang Cell motility: active gel coupled to adhesion sites. 佳作
P1-BS-047 Chia-Hsien Lin Assembly Behavior of Magnetic Janus Particles in Electric Field 佳作
P1-BS-051 Wei Chien DNA diffusion in attractive micro-post arrays under slit confinement 佳作
P1-SC 08 統計物理/計算物理/Statistical Physics, Computational Physics
P1-SC-010 Christian Crisostomo Predicted Growth of Two-Dimensional Topological Insulators Consisting of Hydrogenated III-V Thin Films on Si(111) Substrate 優良
P1-SC-013 Sung-Ping Chen Prediction of Quantum Anomalous Hall Insulator in Functionalized GaBi Honeycomb 佳作
P1-QI 09 量子資訊與量子計算/Quantum Information and Quantum Computing
P1-QI-004 Kai Lin Chao Studies of Home-made Etalons for the Experiments of Flying Qubits 佳作
P1-MH 10 中高能物理/Medium and High Energy Physics
P1-MH-022 Han-Sheng Li Measurement of the Positron Fraction in Primary Cosmic Rays of 0.5–500 GeV with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer 優良
P1-MH-002 Pen Hsuan Wang Search for excited electron in an electron and a photon final state in proton-proton collisions at√s=13TeV 佳作
P1-AG 11 天文重力/宇宙學/Astrophysics,Gravity and Cosmology
P1-AG-004 Cheng Chen A simulation of the gravitational and collisional interaction of Saturn's F ring with the shepherding moon, Prometheus, by elliptic restricted three-body calculation. 優良
P1-AG-056 Dani Chao Cross-correlation of WISE galaxies with Planck CMB temperature sky maps 優良
P1-AG-009 Jia-Yu Ou Refining period of a Mira in M33 with multi-band analysis. 佳作
P1-AG-022 Cheng-Wei Peng Time Evolution of Magnetic Reconnection in Laser Produced Plasmas 佳作
P1-AG-029 Han-Yuan Chang A LAMOST-Kepler spectrophotometric study of hyper flares of M dwarfs 佳作
P1-AP 12 加速器科技與物理/ Accelerator Physics and Technology
P1-AP-001 Chao-Chin Wang 低溫永磁移頻磁鐵設計 優良
P1-PG 13 電漿/一般物理/ Plasma and General Physics
P1-PG-026 Yu-Tong Kuo Observation of Turing pattern in atmospheric microplasma 優良
P1-PG-008 Wen Wang Structural Rearrangements in Sheared 2D Cold Dusty Plasma Liquids 佳作
P1-PG-032 Shi-Yau Wu Low-loss and Broadband Ferrite Circulator 佳作
P1-AM 14 原子/分子/ Atomic and Molecular Physics
P1-AM-007 Pauline Lai Rydberg EIT with The Room-temperature Atoms 優良
P1-PT 15 物理教學/Physics Teaching
P1-PT-002 YuHsien Lee 呈現作答結果與否對於實驗判斷的影響 佳作