Light Dragging Effect in a Highly Dispersive Medium
Shau-Yu LAN1*
1School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Singapore
* presenting author:Shau-Yu LAN,
The phase velocity of electromagnetic waves travelling in a moving medium deviates from its value in vacuum when observed in the laboratory frame. It was originally known as Fresnel-Fizeau light dragging effect and later confirmed by Einstein’s special relativity to the first order. The dragging effect is proportional to the velocity of the moving medium with a coefficient related to the property of the medium. A moving atomic medium under the condition of electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) could enhance this effect because of the large group index. I will review the light dragging effect in an EIT system and discuss its potential applications in designing an inertial sensor.

Keywords: EIT, inertial sensor