The study of magnetic and electron control of two-dimensional dichalcogenides (Mo1-XCrXS2, Mo1-xCrxSe2, x=0 and 0.5)
Chun-Chuen Yang(楊仲準)1*, Yung-Hsiang Tung(童詠翔)1, Ting-Wei Hsu(許庭瑋)1, Tung-Chi Tsai(蔡東棋)1, Kuen-Song Lin(林錕松)2
1Department of Physics, Chung Yuan Christian University, Chung-Li, Taiwan
2Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Yuan Ze University, Chung-Li, Taiwan
* presenting author:Chun-Chuen Yang,
Two-dimensional MoS2, Mo0.5Cr0.5S2, MoSe2, and Mo0.5Cr0.5Se2 samples were fabricated by hydrothermal method. The TEM images show the 1T + 2 H layer structures were formed. X-ray diffraction and TGA experiments show that all samples were decomposed to MoO3 at 360 °C. Raman Spectra show no any changes or extra peak in MoS2 and Mo0.5Cr0.5S2 samples as temperature, magnetic, and electric field varied. On the contrary, both MoSe2 and Mo0.5Cr0.5Se2 samples were sensitive to temperature, magnetic, and electric field. These results show the potential of designing new electronic device or battery that control the electric and magnetic field.

Keywords: dichalcogenide, MoS2, MoSe2, nano, two-dimensional