Magneto-electronic Properties of Monolayer Tinene
Szu-Chao Chen1*, Jhao-Ying Wu1, Yuan-Cheng Huang2, Ming-Fa Lin1
1Physics, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan
2General Education, Kao Yuan University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
* presenting author:Szu-Chao Chen,
The novel magnetic quantization in monolayer tinene, being closely related to the sp3 bondings, spin-orbital coupling and magnetic and electric fields, is investigated by the generalized tight-binding model. The quite large Hamiltonian matrix is built from the tight-binding functions of the different sublattices, atomic orbitals and spin states. The feature-rich two groups of low-lying LLs, which are, respectively, dominated by the 5pz orbitals and (5px,5py) orbitals, are revealed near the Fermi level simultaneously. They are very different in the spatial distributions, state degeneracy, spin configurations and magnetic- and electric-field dependences. Their Landau-level splittings are, respectively, induced by the electric field and spin-orbital interactions. The intragroup anti-crossings are only revealed in the 5pz-dominated group. The unique magneto-electronic properties in tinene are absent in graphene, silicene and germanene. The predicted magneto-electronic energy spectra in DOS could be directly verified by the STS measurements.

Keywords: Magneto-electronic Properties, tinene