Enhancing Pieztronic Nanoenerators and Devices by Optimizing Materials Parameters
Chuan-Pu Liu1*, Nai-Ren Ku1, Chao-Hung Wang1, Yen-Yu Chen1
1Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan
* presenting author:Chuan-Pu Liu, email:cpliu@mail.ncku.edu.tw
The research field on piezotronics by coupling piezoelectric with semiconducting properties has emerged with great promising results into futurstic and energy-related devices. By incorporating photoexcitation, the field can even be extended to piezophototronics for more applications in optoelectronics. Numerous devices in these new fields with great performance have been demonstrated. However, to realize most of the devices into real devices in industry, better performacen still needs to be pursued. I will present the important material parameters that we have shown to be crucial factors affecting the performance of piezotronic devices, including nanowire array geometry, doping concentration, and alloying effect. Those material parameters, have been optimized for DC and AC nanogenerators based on InN and GaN nanowire arrays, photodetectors based on MgZnO films and strain sensors based on AlGaN films. Thos works have opend important new research directions for further improving the performance of piezotronic devices and facilate those device for real applications.

Keywords: Piezotronics, Nanogenerators, InN, GaN, AlGaN, MgZnO