A Facile Route for Fabricating Ultra-Sharp High-Throughput Optical Scanning Probes
Jian-Zhi Huang1*, Ying-Can Lin1, Jung-Tse Huang1, Chien-Chih Lai1
1光電工程學系, 國立東華大學, 花蓮縣, Taiwan
* presenting author:Jian-zhi Huang, email:huangjianzhi731@gmail.com
We present how an effective fiber drawing process followed by a simple, low-cost, and controllable etching enables atomically smooth roughness, producing high-crystallinity, defect-free, and ultra-sharp tapered tips on YAG single crystals.The field-emission scanning electron microscopy and the high-resolution transmission electron microscopy show that the obtained fiber-tip radius is <1.5 nm, less than conventional scanning probes.These results demonstrate applicability as an inexpensive, facile, and highly scalable route.

Keywords: Scanning probe, Near field, fiber, single crystal fiber, etching