Stable mechanism of a MreB helix inside a cylindrical bacterium
1物理系, 淡江大學, 新北市, Taiwan
* presenting author:Zicong Zhou,
We examine the roles of the external force, torque, temperature, confinement, and excluded volume interaction (EVI) on the stability of a MreB or MreB homologs helix inside a cylindrical bacterium. Our results reveal that the torque and the confinement from the both ends of the bacterium dominate the stability of such a helix. A torque acted at both ends of the filament alone can stabilize a helix to a very low pitch, and the confinement can reduce the required torque to below half so make it much easier to form a stable helix. In contrast, we show exactly that the arclength-dependent force and torque are irrelevant in the formation of a helix. Moreover, we find that the external force, thermal fluctuation and EVI have little effect in stabilizing such a helix.

Keywords: MreB helix, cylindrical bacterium, stability, elasticity, semiflexible biopolymer