The estimation of fast neutron background in nGd-nH unified oscillation analysis at Daya Bay
胡貝禎2, 熊怡2, 林貴林1, 任國綸1*
1物理研究所, 國立交通大學, 新竹, Taiwan
2物理學系, 國立台灣大學, 台北, Taiwan
* presenting author:Jen Kuo-Lun,
High energy cosmic ray muons generate energetic neutrons. These neutrons can first produce proton recoils and subsequently be captured by Gadolinium(nGd) or Hydrogen(nH). These type of events mimic the inverse beta decay(IBD) events from electron antineutrinos. They are referred to as fast neutron background events.
In the past two years, Daya Bay collaboration has already published oscillation results with nGd and nH events, respectively. For a more precise measurement, we aim to combine the two for analysis. This talk will present preliminary results on fast neutron background estimation in nGd-nH unified oscillation analysis.

Keywords: neutrino, ocillation, muon, neutron, background