Nonenzymatic Glucose Sensors with Advanced Electrode Interface
Yu-Ping Lo1*, Kuo-Ping Chen1
1Institute of Imaging and Biomedical Photonics, National Chiao Tung University, Tainan, Taiwan
* presenting author:Yu-Ping Lo,
In recent years, diabetes has become a universal epidemic. The demand of the improvement and development of glucose sensors are still large. Most the traditional methods for measuring blood glucose employ electrochemical are studied. Typical blood glucose testing methods is consisting of a metal electrode and immobilization of glucose oxidase on the electrode. However, the enzyme’s activity is changing with the variation of temperature and humidity. In this work, the development of nonenzymatic glucose sensors have been investigated, which allow glucose to oxidize directly on the electrode surface. Different noble metals with nanometer thickness have been tested for their electrocatalytic response to oxidation of glucose. The result is important to study the interface chemistry and also the development of advanced glucose sensors.

Keywords: glucose sensors, electrocatalytic, nonenzymatic