Synergistic Effects of Carbon Dot Doped Liquid Crystals for Novel Optoelectronics
Chih-Ho Cheng1*, Zh-Cheng Jiang1, Yu-Hao Huang1, Jy-Shan Hsu1, Chi-Tsu Yuan1
1Department of Physics, Chung Yuan University, Chung Li, Taiwan
* presenting author:CHIH-HO CHENG,
Recently, colloidal quantum dot (CQD) doped liquid crystals have attracted much attention due to their synergistic effects that can be used to enhance opto-electric properties of the liquid crystals. For this purpose, the CQDs need to be dispersed well in the liquid crystals while can maintain their pristine emission quantum yields. Most of the previous reports have focused on the utilization of cadmium-containing CQDs as liquid-crystal dopants and they tend to aggregate within the liquid crystals. Here, the carbon dots (CDs) with oleic acid ligands can be prepared using emulsion methods. We also investigate the spatial distribution of the CDs in liquid crystals and their photo-physical properties based on time-resolved confocal microscope.

Keywords: colloidal quantum dot, liquid crystals, carbon dots