Low light level non-linear optics with Rydberg EIT
C. Y. Lee1*, S. L. Liang1, Y. H. Lai1, W. Hung1, I. A. Yu1
1Physics, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu City, Taiwan
* presenting author:Neil Lee, email:homeworldlee@gmail.com
It has been a while since people studied quantum optics tried to manipulate the light-atom interaction, especially when the intensity of light is as low as single photon level. Recently, there are a lot of experiment reports seeing effects of exaggerate electric dipole moment in Rydberg states, dipole-dipole interactions becomes so significant that interesting collective behaviors emerged. Here we demonstrate the Rydberg atoms can be reached through two-photon excitation in cold atom, and a phenomenon so called cascade type of EIT(electromagnetic induced transparency) also observed. Light and matter form quasi-particle inside the medium. Through the interaction between Rydberg atoms it is possible to achieve some interesting quantum optics topics such as cross phase modulation or all-optical switching.

Keywords: Rydberg atom, EIT