Probing Resonances of an Artificial Atom Coupled to a Coplanar Waveguide Resonator
Weichen Chien1*, Dmytro Dubyna1, Yuan Hsiang Hsieh1, C.S.Wu2, Watson Kuo1
1Department of Physics, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan
2Department of Physics,, National Changhua University of Education, Changhua, Taiwan
* presenting author:Weichen Chien,
In this work, we fabricated capacitively-coupled transmon qubits, as an artificial atom nearby a coplanar waveguide resonator. By measuring the microwave transmission of the resonator amplitude, we observed the coupling strength of artificial atom to resonator is about 40MHz. We use two-tone spectroscopy to study scattering from high order-excited states.We observed the one photon transparency for |0> to |1> transition and two-photon transparency for |0> to |2> transition.

Keywords: Qubit, Transmon, Quantum Optic