Z'-induced FCNC Decays of Top, Beauty and Strange Quarks
Masaya Kohda1*
1Department of Physics, Chung-Yuan Christian University, Chung-Li, Taiwan
* presenting author:Masaya Kohda, email:masaya.kohda@gmail.com
With a large amount of top and anti-top quarks produced at the LHC, rare top quark decays offer a nice probe to search for physics beyond the standard model. In this talk, I discuss about a flavor-changing neutral current (FCNC) decay of the top quark which emits a new massive gauge boson Z', namely, t → c Z', based on a model of gauged L_μ - L_τ (the difference between the muon and tauon numbers). This Z' boson is motivated by the anomalous data in the angular distribution of the B → K^* μ^+ μ^- decay observed by LHCb, as well as by the long-standing muon g-2 anomaly. Taking into account various constraints on the model, especially from rare B and K meson decay data, I illustrate how large the t → c Z' branching ratio can be, and discuss its observability at the LHC.

Keywords: New gauge boson, Flavor Physics