Measurement of fluctuation in velocity space for verification of entropy cascade in electrostatic turbulence in magnetized plasma
林家玄1*, 河森榮一郎1
1Institute of Space and Plasma Sciences, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan
* presenting author:Chia Hsuan Lin,
This research aims at experimentally verifying an entropy cascade in 2D electrostatic turbulence[1][2] of laboratory magnetized plasma by velocity space measurement of the ions. For this purpose, we have been developing a diagnostic system of fluctuations of ion distribution function by a momentum selection technique. The detector configuration has been designed through numerical particle orbit simulations. Our detector has enough resolutions to diagnose the ion gyro-scale fluctuations and has been done now.

[1]T. Tatsuno and W. Dorland, Phy. Rev. Lett. PRL 103, 015003 (2009)
[2]T. Tatsuno and W. Dorland, J. Plasma Fusion Res. SERIES, Vol. 9 (2010)

Keywords: 2D electrostatic turbulence, entropy cascade