Detecting Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos with Askaryan Radio Array
Chin-Hao Chen1*
1LeCosPA, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
* presenting author:Chin-Hao Chen,
Abstract: Ultra-high energy neutrinos (UHECNs) are neutrinos with energies above 1017 eV. These high energy neutrinos are generally believed being generated via GZK process,where the high energy cosmic rays lost energies via colliding with cosmic microwave background photons. With GZK effect being observed in cosmic ray spectrum, and the existence of CMB photons, finding these UHECNs or GZK neutrinos will verify the GZK process.

Askaryan Radio Array (ARA) is a detector dedicated for detecting UHECNs at South Pole. When UHECN interacts with the ice, due to the Askaryan effect, it generates a unique short radio pulse. By detecting the radio signal with ARA, we are able to search for the UHECNs. We are going to present the latest results from ARA and future plans.

Keywords: ultra-high energy neutrinos, Askaryan effect