Analysis of plasmonic-enhanced graphene photodetectors by hybrid nanoparticles
Ting-Wei Chang1*, Wei-Chen Tu1
1Department of Electronic Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University, Chung Li, Taiwan
* presenting author:chang ting-wei,
Two-dimensional graphene plays a major role in future photodetectors due to its unique optical and electrical properties. However, no matter the photocurrent is extracted via graphene p-n junctions or graphene-metal interface, the short lifetime of photogenerated carriers limits its sensing schemes. The graphene photodetectors with plasmonic nanostructures fabricated by the e-beam or photolithography techniques are promising routes toward the enhancement of sensitivity and on/off ratio. Unfortunately, such photodetectors cooperated with plasmonic nanostructures have been limited in terms of expensive fabrication process. To overcome the obstacle, we fabricate graphene photodetectors with hybrid plamonic nanoparticles by all solution process and analysis the performance of photodetectors. With proper density and ratio of hybrid plamonic nanoparticles, the on/off ratio and sensitivity can be improved significantly.

Keywords: grapehene, plasmonic-enhanced