BGO System Installation at KEK
Yu-Tan Chen1, Kai-Ning Jhu1, Jiun-Jie Liau1, Jie-Cheng Lin1, Kuan-Bo Lin1, Suman Koirala1*, Jing-Ge Shiu1, Min-Zu Wang1
1Physics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
* presenting author:Suman Koirala,
Due to significantly higher luminosity, beam-related backgrounds will be larger in Belle II than in Belle. Precise characterization of the backgrounds is important to ensure the safety of some of the delicate components of the final detector and to make necessary corrections to the physics measurements at Belle-II. Direct measurement of the backgrounds is indispensable because the backgrounds predicted by simulations have large uncertainties. Beast-II detector was designed to study the characteristics of the beam-induced backgrounds near the interaction point of the Belle-II experiment. The BGO system, designed, made and installed by the NTU-HEP group, is an integral part of the Beast-II detector. Highlights of the installation process of the BGO system in the Beast-II detector will be briefly discussed.

Keywords: BGO System, Luminosity