Deformation of Nanostructures Induced by Focused Ion Beam Processes from GPU-accelerated Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Chun-Wei Pao (包淳偉)1, Cheng-Lun Wu (吳政倫)1*
1Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
* presenting author:Cheng Lun Wu,
In this paper, we studied the plastic deformation in nanostructures induced by focused ion beam (FIB) by large-scale molecular dynamic simulations with GPU acceleration. By bombarding 20-nm-thick Al film with different Ga+ incident ion energy of 7.5keV,10keV and 20keV under plane strain (NVT) and plane stress (NPT) boundary conditions, significant film deformations were observed. Our simulation results are in good agreement with experimental observations. Furthermore, by controlling the ion incident energies, it is possible to manipulate the plastic deformation of nanostructures.

Keywords: LAMMPS, FIB