The Study on Long-term Variabilities of Galactic Cataclysmic Variables Using Panoramic Surveys
Michael Ting-Chang Yang1*, Yi Chou1, Chin-Ping Hu1, Yi-Hao Su1
1Gratuate Institute of Astronomy, National Central University, Chungli, Taiwan
* presenting author:Ting-Chang Yang,
The study of the long-term variabilities of cataclysmic variables using panoramic surveys: Palomar Transient Factory (PTF) and Catalina Realtime Transient Survey (CRTS) had been conducted. A mini data retrieval system had been made to speed up the process of the data rate. Photometric calibration between the systems had also been made to compensate the difference of different filters. 10 out of 344 sources had been found to possess long-term periodicities. The mechanisms are possibly because of the precessing of accretion disk, magnetic field change of the companion stars, triple star system, etc. Some simple discussion will be dressed in this talk. I will also introduce some studies on the variable stars using panoramic surveys.

Keywords: Cataclysmic Variables, PTF, CRTS, Long-term Variability