Thermoelectric properties of hydrothermally synthesized p-type SnSe
Wei-Hao Chen (陳韋豪)1, Peng-Chun Hung (洪鵬峻)1*, Zong-Ren Yang (楊琮任)1, Chia-Jyi Liu (劉嘉吉)1
1Department of Physics, National Changhua University of Education, Changhua 50007, Taiwan
* presenting author:Peng-Chun Hung,
The p-type SnSe single crystal shows a very low thermal conductivity and high zT of 2.6 along b-axis at 923 K. The polycrystalline SnSe is fabricated using hydrothermal method followed by evacuated-and-encapsulated sintering. The resulting materials are characterized by powder x-ray diffraction, electrical resistivity, thermopower and thermal conductivity measurements. The thermoelectric property is optimized by tuning the reaction temperature and duration. As a result, the zT value of our hydrothermally SnSe is larger than that for the SnSe single crystal along any direction between 450 and 600 K.

Keywords: Thermoelectric, hydrothermally, SnSe