Germinade formation in Ge nanowires using point contact reaction
黃智盟1*, 周苡嘉1
1電子物理所, 交通大學, 新竹, Taiwan
2電子物理所, 交通大學, 新竹, Taiwan
* presenting author:Chin-Meng Huang,

Following the advances of semiconductor nano-technology, the size of electronic transistors and components become smaller and smaller. Therefore, one dimensional nanostructures such as nanowires attract highly attentions for the development of next generation devices.1 2 To push further scaling, point contact reactions have been proposed and the kinetics has been studied for silicide reactions.3 4 Current semiconductor transistors are mainly Si-based due to the stable and reliable electronic properties of Si; however, Ge has recently been considered again for the development of building blocks due to its higher carrier mobility than that of Si and the significant progress in technology of high-k dielectric materials. It requires more systematic studies for Ge system regarding the stability of the heterostructures to proceed further to practical industrial applications. We have investigated the reactions of Ge nanowires, with and without oxide, and Ni nanoparticles by annealing at different temperatures. We will show the phases formed at those processing parameters and discuss the epitaxy. The surface morphology and stability of the heterostructues of germinade/Ge will be discussed for evaluation for devices.

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Keywords: Ge nanowire, point contact