Ultrafast Super-emitters by Co-doping Nano-dots and Plasmonic Antennas in Salt-Crystal Matrices for Flexible Light-Emitting Devices
Hung-Ting Lin1*, Tzu-Neng LIn1, Zh-Cheng Jiang1, Maria Jessabel Talite1, Chi-Tsu Yuan1
1Department of Physics, Chung Yuan Christian University, Chung Li, Taiwan
* presenting author:Hung-Ting Lin, email:s10112226@cycu.org.tw
Host-guest material systems, such as nano-emitters doped in solid matrices have attracted much attention for practical applications in flexible light-emitting devices due to their better emission efficiency and chemical stability. The host crystals impose the nano-emitters to arrange separately, thus avoiding the introduction of extra non-radiative relaxation due to solid-state induced aggregation even under high loading concentration. To further enhance the emission efficiency of the host-guest systems, here luminescent nano-emitters, such as carbon dots and gold nanoclusters and plasmonic gold nanoparticles are co-doped in the salt-crystal matrices to form ultrafast super-emitters. The spontaneous emission rates of such hybrid emitters can be enhanced significantly, thus boosting their practical utilities in flexible light-emitting devices.

Keywords: Plasmonic Antennas, Salt-crystal, Nano-material