The Relationship Between Surface Plasma Effect and Surface structure of Gold Nano-particle Film
Shih-Hao Huang1*, Zan-Jhih Wang1, Yi-Jhen He1, Yun-Ching Hung1, Cheng-Hong Jiang1, Jun-Yang Lai1, Jiann-Shing Lee1, Tzu-Fang Hsu*1
1Applied Physics, National Pingtung University, Pingtung, Taiwan
* presenting author:Shih-Hao Huang,
The propagation of the electromagnetic wave through an material with nano-particle structure exhibits the dispersion of absorption coefficient curve due to surface plasma effect. In this poster, we measure the absorption coefficient spectrum of gold films with nano-particle’s structures through TM waves. There would be existing a peak value in the absorption coefficient curve when the propagating electromagnetic wave being suffered surface plasma effect through the material. In our experiment, it is found that the peak due to surface plasma effect would be blue shifting as the shape of nano-particles were became more symmetrical.

Keywords: Gold, Nano-particle, Surface Plasma Effect