Quench Dynamics of Majorana Fermions
Ming-Chiang Chung/張明強1*
1Physics/物理系, National Chung-Hsing University/中興大學, Taichung City/台中市, Taiwan
* presenting author:Ming-Chiang Chung, email:mingchiangha@gmail.com
We study the sudden quench of a one-dimensional p-wave superconductor through its topological signature in the entanglement spectrum. The long-time evolution of the system and its topological characterization depend on a pseudo-magnetic eld Re(k), which connects both the initial and the final Hamiltonians, hence exhibiting a memory effect. In particular, we explore the robustness of the Majorana zero-mode associated with the entanglement cut in the topologically nontrivial phase and identify the parameter space in which the mode can survive in the infinite-time limit. On the other hand, the convertibility of the Majorana modes will be discussed in the quench dynamics too.

Keywords: P-wave superconductivity, Out-of-equilibrium physics, Majorana Fermions, Integral models