BelleII Level-1 trigger system
Yun-Tsung Lai1*, Min-Zu Wang1, Jing-Ge Shiu1
1Department of Physics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
* presenting author:Yun-Tsung Lai,
In this report, we are going to present NTUHEP group's work on BelleII Level-1 trigger(TRG) system.
We use the data from Belle II Central Drift Chamber(CDC) to validate online tracking algorithms in the CDCTRG system with FPGA chips. In this system, the trigger Merger boards simplify the data flow from readout boards to the rear-end tracking modules. The development of Merger, including hardware and firmware, will be reported.
For the data flow in the CDCTRG system, we developed an user-defined optical transmission protocol, and also designed the scheme of data flow control and synchronization for the whole trigger system. The design of user-defined protocol and its application will also be introduced.
Global Reconstruction Logic(GRL) matches the information from sub-trigger systems to issue global trigger. The recent status of GRL includes software simulation of the matching algorithm between tracking of CDC and crystal cluster of electromagnetic calorimeter.

Keywords: Trigger system, B factory, B meson, FPGA