The evolution of Zn dot coherently grown on Si(111) after annealing
Bo-Jia Huang1*, Po-Pei, Huang1, Shang-Jui Chiu2, Ching-Shun Ku2, Sanjaya Brahma1, Kuang Yao Lo1
1物理所, 成功大學, 台南市, Taiwan
2材料科學小組, 國家同步輻射研究中心, 新竹, Taiwan
* presenting author:Bo-Jia Huang,
We successfully develop a novel inspection to observe the structure evolution of Zn/ZnO dots system via annealing by combing reflective second harmonic generation (RSHG) and synchrotron XRD. Zn dots were coherently grown on Si(111) by the constrain of 3mm symmetry of Si(111) surface. By collective net dipole of huge Zn/ZnO dots, the structure change of Zn dots due to annealing treatment can be analyzed by the RSHG pattern. The decrease in RSHG pattern experienced annealing cycle reveals Zn dot would be more relaxed, which the net dipole is getting small since more non-constrained Zn dots were generated. More confirmation by synchrotron XRD, peak of Zn(0002) and Zn(10 1) were shift and broaden due to the relaxation. Further experiment was performed to realize the stress evolution of Zn dot annealed in chamber (not remove out of chamber). The relaxation of Zn dot without exposing to air via annealing is discussed in this work.

Keywords: ZnO dots