P.J. Chou1*, C.T. Chen1, J.Y. Chen1, M.S. Chiu1, K.T. Hsu1, C.C. Kuo1, Y.C. Liu1, G.H. Luo1, H.J. Tsai1, F.H. Tseng1, Chaoen Wang1
1National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Hsinchu, Taiwan
* presenting author:Ping J. Chou,
Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) is a low-emittance 3 GeV synchrotron light source designed to provide X-ray brightness 4~5 orders of magnitude than the existing Taiwan Light Source (TLS). The phase-I beam commissioning started in December 2014 and the electron beam was stored up to 5 mA in the storage ring on 31 Dec., 2014. The phase-II commissioning began in September 2015 after the installation of 2 superconducting RF cavities and 10 insertion devices. The commissioning process will be reported and results be presented.

Keywords: emittance, brightness, synchrotron, light source, TPS