Search for heavy resonances in the W/Z-tagged dijet mass spectrum at CMS
Raman Khurana1*, Shin-Shan Yu1, Fang-Ying Tsai1, Ching-Wei Chen1
1Department of Physics, National Central, Chungli, Taiwan
* presenting author:Raman Khurana,
A search is presented for massive resonances decaying into a pair of vector bosons (WW, WZ or ZZ) or into a quark and a vector boson (qW or qZ) where each vector boson decays hadronically. We focus on resonances which are sufficiently heavy to result in energetic vector bosons; the decay products of each vector boson are then merged into a single jet, and the event effectively has a dijet topology. This analysis takes advantage of novel jet substructure techniques and uses them to suppress QCD dijet background.

Keywords: Mono-H, Dark Matter, CMS, LHC