Opticks : Optical Photon Simulation for High Energy Physics using GPU Accelerated Ray Tracing
Simon C Blyth1*
1Physics Dept, NTU, Taipei, Taiwan
* presenting author:Simon Blyth, email:blyth@hep1.phys.ntu.edu.tw
The Opticks open source project integrates GPU optical photon simulation
implemented using the NVIDIA OptiX ray tracing framework with Geant4 based
Monte Carlo detector simulations.
Simulations of photomultiplier tube based detectors are limited by the time to
propagate many millions of optical photons per event.
Opticks brings linear performance scaling with CUDA cores
allowing the time to perform optical photon simulation to
become effectively zero compared to other processing.

Application to the Daya Bay and JUNO anti-neutrino detectors
and validations of the Opticks simulation are demonstrated.

Keywords: Optical Photon, Simulation, Geant4, GPU