Lepton-Flavor Violation Implications of Anomalies in Rare B-Meson Decays
Jusak Tandean1*
1Physics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
* presenting author:Jusak Tandean, email:jtandean@yahoo.com
The latest LHCb measurements of rare b→s decays have led to results in tension with standard model (SM) predictions, including a tentative indication of the violation of SM lepton universality. Assuming this to be due to new physics, we explore some of the potential consequences in the SM extended with the seesaw mechanism involving right-handed neutrinos plus effective dimension-six lepton-quark operators under the framework of minimal flavor violation (MFV). We focus on such operators which can accommodate the LHCb anomalies and conform to the MFV principle in both their lepton and quark parts. We evaluate the contributions of these operators to lepton-flavor-violating meson decays, such as B→K(*)ℓℓ′, Bs→φℓℓ′, and Bd,s→ℓℓ′, as well as KL→eμ. We find that some of their branching fractions can reach a few times 10-7. We also look at the implications for B→K(*)νν and K→πνν, which may have rates a few times larger than their SM values. These results are testable in future experiments.

Keywords: B decays, kaon decays, new physics, flavor symmetry breaking