Surface Plasmon Enhanced Optical Absorption of Graphene via Metal Nanoparticles
Xiang-Sheng Liu1*, Wu-Yih Uen1, Wei-Chen Tu1
1Department of Electronic Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University, Chung Li, Taiwan
* presenting author:liu xiangsheng,
Recently, two-dimensional graphene with unique optical and electrical properties makes it a promising candidate for various devices, such as sensors and photovoltaics. Unfortunately, the performance of the single-layer graphene device may be limited due to its one-atomic-layer thickness. To overcome the obstacle, corporation of graphene with plasmonic structure or integrating graphene with cavities have been proposed to improve the device performance. However, such enhancement via surface plasmon resonance effect or photonic cavities conventionally achieved using expensive e-beam deposition or complex photolithography that inhibit the low-cost and high-throughput production. Here, we report the simple and easy-fabrication plasmonic structure of graphene incorporated with silver and gold nanoparticles on the single-layer graphene/Si substrate. By the measured and finite-difference-time-domain (FDTD) simulated results, the optical absorption of graphene with controlled density and size of nanoparticles can be significantly enhanced in the visible region which will be beneficial for a variety of future device applications.

Keywords: Surface plasmon resonance , Graphene, Nanoparticles