Self-Assembled Noble-metal Nanoparticle Thin Films for Ultra-Sensitive and Reusable SERS Substrate by High-Active Ion Treatment
倪懿池1*, 孫弘奇2, 陳建宇3, 郭華丞2,3, 曾賢德1
1物理學系, 國立東華大學, 花蓮縣, Taiwan
2物理學系, 國立中興大學, 台中市, Taiwan
3奈米中心, 國立中興大學, 台中市, Taiwan
* presenting author:I-CHIH NI,
In previous study [1] developed a novel centrifuge assembly method to fabricate Au-NP films with good coverage, morphology and thickness. Also, it shows gold nanoparticle (Au-NP) and silver nanoparticles (Ag-NP) have strong interparticle coupling effect on their surface plasmon resonance (SPR), and that are further applied on be applied to sensor and surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectrum.The well intensity of Raman spectrum of R6G (Rhodamine 6G) molecules on the Au-NP and Ag-NP films.

In the report, it demonstrates a simple method to enhance SERS substrate sensitivity by plasma or ozone treatment. When the modified molecules on Au-NP/Ag-NP surface were decomposed by Ozone or plasma ion treatment, the detected molecules were easier to diffuse into the interparticle gap. The strong interparticle coupling effect on SPR of Au-NP/Ag-NP was enhanced SERS substrate sensitivity. In the result, the intensity of R6G molecule Raman spectrum were enhance more than 40 times. In addition to, the detected molecules were also removed by ozone treatment. The intensity of R6G decreased with ozone treatment time. Besides, the Au-NP SERS substrates were stable capable of enduring multiple ozone exposures, were reused to SERS spectrum of R6G molecule up to 50 recycle times. Apparently, the reusable SERS substrates were relatively simple, inexpensive, and stable.

[1] I-C. Ni, et al.; J. Phys. Chem. C ,116, 8095. (2012)

Keywords: ultra-Sensitive and Reusable SERS Substrate, Self-Assembled, Noble-metal Nanoparticle