Complementary Resistive Switching Behavior Induced by Varying Forming Current Compliance in Resistance Random Access Memory
Tseng Yi-Ting1*, Chang Ting-Chang1
1Department of physics, National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
* presenting author:Yi-Ting Tseng,
In this study of resistance random access memory (RRAM) in a resistive switching film, the breakdown degree was controlled by varying forming current compliance. A SiOx layer was introduced into the ZnO layer of the structure to induce both typical bipolar resistive switching (RS) and complementary resistive switching (CRS). In addition, the SiOx layer-generated vacuum spaces in typical bipolar RS can be verified by electrical characteristics. Changing forming current compliance strikingly modifies the oxygen storage capacity of the inserted SiOx layer. CRS can be achieved, therefore, by tuning the oxygen ion storage behavior made possible by the SiOx layer.

Keywords: Silicon oxide, RRAM, CRS, Forming compliance current