CEP-stablized, mid-infrared high energy pulses by optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier
Chia-Lun Tsai1*, Yi-Hsun Tseng1, Wei-Hsin Wu1, Chia-Hao Guo1, Shang-Da Yang1, Ming-Chang Chen1
1Institute of Photonics Technologies, National Tsing Hua University, HsinChu, Taiwan
* presenting author:Chia-Lun Tsai, email:tsaichalun@gmail.com
High power sources of ultrafast mid-infrared pulses have opened new fields in strong-field physics and attosecond science. Due to λ-scaling law, coherent x-rays up to ~keV photon energy can be produced by high harmonic generation in mid-infrared driving pulses. In our work, we have demonstrated a 1 kHz, passive CEP-stablized, millijoule level, ultrashort pulses at 1.9 µm by an optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier (OPCPA). The pulse energy has been scaled up to 1.65 mJ before compressed. The amplified spectrum can support 280 fs TL pulse duration which is limited to crystal phase-matching bandwidth. Due to our compressor total diffraction efficiency (30%), we believed that ~0.5 mJ compressed pulse can be generated.

Keywords: parametric amplifier, ultrafast optics