Effects of Varied Negative Stop Voltages on Current Self-compliance in Indium Tin Oxide Resistance Random Access Memory
Chih-Yang Lin1*, Ting-Chang Chang1
1Physics, National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
* presenting author:Chih-Yang Lin, email:hubery820919@gmail.com
We have previously investigated the automatic
current compliance property for indium tin oxide (ITO)
resistance random access memory (RRAM). Traditionally, for the
purpose of protecting RRAM, it is necessary to set equipment
current compliance during the set and forming processes of
RRAM devices. ITO RRAM devices, however, have an intrinsic
capability to limit their current. This paper examines this ITO
RRAM current compliance in depth by applying a varied
stop-voltage measurement method, where different negative stop
voltages were adopted to manipulate oxygen ions. Combined with
material analysis and conduction current fitting, a model was

Keywords: ITO, RRAM, Self-compliance, reset voltage