The growth of Ga₂O₃ nanowires and their applications on gas sensor
Tzu Feng, Weng1*, Mon Shu, Ho1
1Department of physics, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan
* presenting author:Tzu-Feng Weng,
Well-definded monoclinic nanostructure of Ga₂O₃ were grown at various temperature by vapor-liquid-soloid method apparatus using Ga₂O₃ powder as sources. Stable growth conditions were deduced for nanoribbons and nanowires. The types of nanostructures are determined by the growth temperature. It was also found that Ga₂O₃ nanowires with good crystal quality could be achieved only at high temperature(ie, 1025 and 1050 °C) and grown on Al₂O₃(0001) substrates showed an excellent tendency to grow epitaxially, mapping the hexagonal symmetry of Al₂O₃(0001) substrates. For applications of gas sensors, it can be used to detect reducing gases such as CO, H₂, CH₄, NH₃, etc. Additionally, it can also be used as solar-blind UV photodetectors.

Keywords: Ga₂O₃, nanowires, gas sensor