Enhancement of Photoluminescence in PAMAM Dendrimer by Incorporation of Graphene Quantum Dots.
Michelle R. Inciong1*, Tzu-Neng Lin1, Ji-Lin Shen1
1Physics, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taoyuan, Taiwan
* presenting author:Michelle Inciong, email:inciongmichelle016@gmail.com
The enhanced photoluminescence (PL) of Poly(amido amine) (PAMAM) dendrimers was observed by incorporating graphene quantum dots (GQDs) on its surface. The maximum PL intensity with a factor of 7.7 was reached at GQD concentration of 0.6 mg/ml. The PAMAM/GQD dynamics was further analyzed through the time-resolved PL analysis and Kelvin probe measurements, the enhancement of the PL in PAMAM dendrimers can be interpreted by the photoinduced electron injection from GQDs to PAMAM dendrimers owing to the work function difference between them. This enhancement in the PL can be applied to photosensors, LED, bioimaging and biosensing materials.

Keywords: PAMAM, Graphene Quantum Dots, Photoluminescence enhancement