STUDIES: SCUBA-2 Ultra Deep Imaging EAO Survey
Wei-Hao Wang1*
1Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
* presenting author:Wei-Hao Wang,
STUDIES is an ultradeep submillimeter cosmological survey, and is one of the new JCMT Legacy Surveys under the operation of the East Asian Observatory. STUDIES has been awarded 330 hr of JCMT SCUBA-2 observing time under the best weather of Maunakea in 2015 to 2019. STUDIES will make a confusion limited 450 um map with D~10 arcmin, at the center of the COSMOS field within the footprint of the CANDELS HST WFC3 data. The STUDIES 450 um map will be the deepest ever, approximately 10 times deeper than the deepest Herschel 350 um and 500 um maps. It will detect the typical members of the dusty galaxy population that gives rise to the bulk of the cosmic far-IR background and therefore the bulk of the cosmic star formation. It will also be the first far-IR survey that offers a star formation rate sensitivity that is deep enough to directly detect star forming galaxies selected in the optical. The STUDIES map, together with the rich multiwavelength data in COSMOS, will enable a more complete census of dust obscured and unobscured star formation at high redshift, and thus will lead to a more complete understanding of the cosmic star formation history. STUDIES is open to all scientists in the JCMT partner regions. Here we enthusiastically invite scientists in the Taiwanese community to participate in this exciting new survey.

Keywords: astronomy, submillimeter, cosmology, galaxy