Learning experimental physics through exploration
Lin I1*
1Department of Physics, National Central University, Jhongli, Taiwan
* presenting author:Lin I, email:lini@phy.ncu.edu.tw
In the NCU Physics Department, each physics major undergraduate student has to take four semester courses of Experimental Physics in the first two years. In this talk, our experience on how to design a proper experimental physics course for training undergraduate physics major students to be explores will be presented. Through exploration using a series of self-designed hand-on experimental projects as platforms, the goal of learning basic methodologies, principles, and technical skills of experimental physics can be achieved. They include, literature searching, self- and group independent studies, dialectic and systematic thinking, project design and executing, oral and written presentations, team works and management, and manipulating tools such as electronics, computer, machine shop skills, digital processing, English and mathematics, etc..

Keywords: Experimental physics course