Constraints on spin-independent and -dependent couplings of WIMP dark matter with an n-type point-contact germanium detector
Lakhwinder Singh1*, H. T. Wong1
1Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
* presenting author:Lakhwinder Singh,
The advent of sub-keV sensitive detector technology has offered the opportunities to explore the low-mass weakly interacting massive particles (WIMP) and also allows new physics scenario to be probed. WIMP is a class of dark matter particles that includes the super-symmetric particles and also considered as favorite candidate of dark matter. We report limits on both spin-independent and spin-dependent WIMP-nucleon interaction cross-section with an n-type point-contact germanium detector of 500g fiducial mass. An energy threshold of 300 eV was achieved. The data was acquired over the 278.6 live-day at the Kuo-Sheng Reactor Neutrino Laboratory. The constraints were derived both from the time-integral and annual modulation.

Keywords: Dark Matter, Germanium Detector