Gigantic enhancement of Photo and gas detection by using Polycrystalline SnO2 Nanofibers
Zong-Yi Chen1, Ping-Hung Yeh1*
1Physics, Tamkang University, New Taipei City, Taiwan
* presenting author:Zongyi Chen,
The polycrystalline SnO2 nanofibers (p-SnO2 NFs) can be fabricated by electrospinning. The electrical properties of the p-SnO2 NFs can be measured under different photo illuminations. In this work, the detection mechanism of p-SnO2 NFs also can be invested through different humidity environments. Furthermore, the room temperature ethanol detection can be achieved due to the Joule’s heating between the numerous grain boundaries and surface areas. From those results of this research work, the mechanism of the output current will be influenced by gas molecules absorption and desorption efficacy through the surface defect engineering.

Keywords: SnO2 nanofibers, surface defect, grain boundary, gas detecion, electron spining