High sensitive nanodetector by using TiO₂ nanofibers
Chao-Peng Huang1, Ping-Hung Yeh1*
1Physics, Tamkang, New Taipei, Taiwan
* presenting author:Chao Peng Huang, email:xst5413@gmail.com
In this work, our Titanium dioxide nanofibers (TiO₂ NFs) were fabricated by electrospinning. Compared with TiO₂ nanowire, the TiO₂ NFs have greater sensitivity due to lots of defects. In our research results, TiO₂ NFs have rapid reaction under UV-visible light and gases. Furthermore, we found the reaction of TiO₂ NFs under CO is different from NO; the current will increase due to CO absorption, but the current will decrease due to NO absorption. This result can promte our detector more accurately.

Keywords: Titanium dioxide, electrospinning, gas detector