Defect engineering in the optical and room temperature gas detection by using polycrystallined ZnO nanofibers
Tzu-Hsuan Yu1, Ping-Hung Yeh1*
1physics, Tamkang University, New Taipei City, Taiwan
* presenting author:Tzu-Hsuan Yu,
In this research work, we use the polycrystallined ZnO nanofibers (ZnO NFs) to form nanodevice by using the electrospinning. Due to the defect structure, the surface and interface of the grain size have large amounts oxygen vacancies to affect the signal output. Based on this mechanism of the oxygen absorption and desorption, we can study the response, recovery and sensitivity effect through different electrical measurement.

Keywords: the polycrystallined ZnO nanofibers, the optical detection, the room temperature gas detection, surface and interface, oxygen vacancies