Surface Plasmon Resonator with Metallic Micro-ring
林詩雅1*, 陳啟昌1
1光電科學與工程學系, 中央大學, 中壢市, Taiwan
* presenting author:Shih-Ya Lin,
We propose a novel pulley-type surface plasmon resonator with metallic micro-ring to generate a nano-magnetic field. The metallic micro-ring and InGaAs waveguide on GaAs substrate were simulated by COMSOL Multiphysics to analyze the plasmonics effect on the metallic micro-ring. Positive charges are positioned on the metallic micro-ring. The propagation of the charges is driven by the surface plasma to form an electric current on the metallic micro-ring. The nano-magnetic field can be formed at the center of the metallic micro-ring.

Keywords: surface plasmon resonator, micro-ring, InGaAs waveguide, nano-magnetic field