Phase Shifting Imaging on Cold Rubidium Atoms
Po-Jui Tseng1*, Chih-Chieh Lin1, Ying-Hsian Wang1, Guo-Shu Huang1, Dian-Jiun Han1
1Department of physics, National Chung Cheng University, Chia-Yi 621, Taiwan
* presenting author:Pojui Tseng,
We experimentally realize the nondestructive phase shifting imaging on 87Rb magneto-optical
trap (MOT), based on our previously proposed scheme [1], by accompanying with the phase
shifting interferometry in a Mach-Zehnder interferometer. We will present the measurements to
demonstrate the working principle of this imaging method. Besides, compared to the results made
by the MIT group [2], our recent experiment results show the energy per probe pulse delivered to
the cold samples can be lowered by another two orders of magnitude at least due to signal
enhancement inherently provided in the two-beam configuration [1, 2], showing a convincing
method for nondestructive imaging for cold atoms.

[1] Tzu-Ping Ku, Chi-Yuan Huang, Bor-Wen Shiau, and Dian-Jiun Han, “Phase shifting
interferometry of cold atoms,” Opt. Express 19, 3730 (2011).
[2] M. R. Andrews, M.-O. Mewes, N. J. van Druten, D. S. Durfee, D. M. Kurn, and W. Ketterle,
“Direct, Nondestructive Observation of a Bose Condensate,” Science 273, 84 (1996).

Keywords: Nondestructive imaging , Cold atoms, Phase shifting interferometry