Coherent-controlled all-optical devices based on plasmonic resonant tunneling waveguides
吳祥豪1*, 朱亭霖1, 藍永強1
1光電科學與工程學系, 國立成功大學, 台南, Taiwan
* presenting author:Hsiang Hao Wu,
In this study, the signal processing in three-port and four-port plasmonic filter/coupler devices by coherently controlling phase and amplitude of surface plasmon is proposed and investigated. This device is composed of two metal-dielectric-metal waveguides with a strip cavity imbedded in the metal layer. The interference between the plasmonic signals of two input ports is caused by the tunneling effect of surface plasmons in the strip cavity. The functions of signal coding/decoding, encrypting and all-optical logic gates are also demonstrated in this study.

Keywords: surface plasmon, logic gate devices, plasmonic filter/coupler