Challenge of Insertion Device at Taiwan Photon Source
Jui-Che Huang1*, Ting-Yi Chung1, Ching-Kang Yang1, Cheng-Hsing Chang1, Cheng-Hsiang Chang1, Ching-Shiang Hwang1
1Magnet group, National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, HsinChu, Taiwan
* presenting author:Jui-Che Huang,
Short period undulators with strong magnetic field becomes important in a diffraction-limited storage ring will bring X-ray into a new unprecedented brilliant light source. Many challenges of in-vacuum undulator technologies associate with beam induced-heat load, synchrotron radiation head load, wake field, non-linear dynamics, and the deformation of undulator mechanical frame structure. New type of undulator components, such as RF transition taper, magnet cover and differential link rods are adopted to improve performance of an undulator. Development new undulator components shall consider ultra-high vacuum compatibility, thermal deformation, cooling system for radiation heating and maintenance matters.
In this paper, technologies challenge of in-vacuum undulator and technical difficulties of commissioning will also be presented herein.

Keywords: Synchrotron Radiation, Insertion Device, Taiwan Photon Source