Effects of nitrogen plasma treatment on the electrical property and band structure of few-layer MoS2
Ting-Hong Su (蘇庭鋐)1*, Yow-Jon Lin (林祐仲)1
1Institute of Photonics, National Changhua University of Education, Changhua, Taiwan
* presenting author:Ting-Hong Su, email:hiddenmymoon@yahoo.com.tw
Few-layer MoS2 prepared by the chemical vapor deposition method was treated with nitrogen plasma under different radio-frequency (rf) power conditions in order to experimentally study the change in the electrical property. Control of the rf power could change the work function of MoS2 from 5.40 eV to 5.06 eV. It is shown that the increased rf power leads to the increased (reduced) number of nitrogen (oxygen) atoms in the MoS2 layers, increasing the electron concentration and shifting the Fermi level to higher energy. The ability to controllably tune the work function of MoS2 is essential for optimizing the efficiency of optoelectronic and electronic devices.

Keywords: Molybdenum disulfide, Work function, Electrical properties, Nitrogen plasma treatment